Marion R. Spear Award

The Department of Occupational Therapy at Western Michigan University is proud to honor one graduate student in their final semester of the curriculum with the Marion R. Spear Award.

Marion R. Spear

The Spear Award is granted to a student who has shown "outstanding interest, dedication and commitment to the goals of occupational therapy," and who demonstrates the potential for making future contributions to the profession. The recipient will be chosen and announced at the Masters Recognition Ceremony upon graduation of the program.

In addition to the honor and recognition that comes from receiving the Spear Award, $500 will be awarded to the winner.

Although this award is not for application, it is available to all eligible graduate students in their final semester of the program who demonstrate the aforementioned characteristics. As students in our program, please keep this opportunity in mind as you complete your curriculum and work hard towards becoming a contributor to the profession.