Drug Free School Act

The Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 require that institutions of higher education provide written information regarding applicable federal, state, and local laws regarding alcohol possession and use; campus policies and standards of conduct regarding alcohol and drug use and the related sanctions; a description of health risks associated with the use of alcohol and drugs; and a description of treatment and counseling programs available on campus.

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing an environment that will help reduce the incidence of drug problems among students. This effort has taken many forms: education, the provision of counseling and the establishment of community wide expectations and norms.

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Biennial Review

The FY2016/2017 – FY2017/2018 Biennial Review was created for the fulfillment of the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulation that requires institutions of higher education to conduct a biennial review of their Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) programs and policies (EDGAR Part 86.100).