Spirit Cup

Bronco Spirit Cup

The Bronco Cup competition is for all students, staff, and faculty at Western Michigan University. It is a competition to see who has the most Bronco Spirit! The competition is intended to bring together all members of Western Michigan University, whether that be Registered Student Organizations, Residence Halls, Departments, a mix of both, and every Bronco out there. 
The Bronco Spirit Cup is a competition among WMU students to see who earned the most points at the end of the Homecoming week. The winners of the RSO categories will receive $350 toward their RSO. The winner of the group-of-friends category will receive $300 to WMU Bookstore. Points will be awarded based on the 2017 Bronco Spirit Cup point system which you can find below. Events will be carefully monitored and points will be calculated by the Homecoming Interns. 

Teams categories:

Small RSO: 20 or less member
Large RSO: 20 or more member
Group of friends: minimum of three people
Teams must register by 5 p.m. on October 8th in order to compete for the Bronco Cup.

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Bronco Spirit Cup Point System

Western Wednesday 
- Participation 50 points 
- Spirit 50 points 
Maximum possible points: 100 points 
3-on-3 Basketball Tournament 
- 1st place 70 points 
- 2nd place 60 points 
- 3rd place 50 points 
- Participation 40 points 
- Spirit 40 points 
Maximum possible points: 150 points 
Paddle Battle
- 1st place 70 points 
- 2nd place 60 points 
- 3rd place 50 points 
- Participation 40 points 
- Spirit 40 points 
Maximum possible points: 150 points 
Block Party
- Photo Challenge:
- Photo by Miller Fountain - 10 points
- Photo next to Sprau Tower - 10 points
- Photo on the steps of Brown Hall - 10 points
- Photo with any of the art piece by Richmond/Dalton Center - 10 points
- Western Pride Photo - 15 points
- Photo with Buster the Bronco - 15 points
- Photo on inflatable - 20 points
- Photo at the Bookstore Booth - 20 points
- Photo with an Intern - 20 points
Maximum possible points: 150 points
Food Drive 
Preferred items (10 points per item)
- Fruit
- Snacks- chips, cookies, trail mix, etc.
- Breakfast foods- cereal, oatmeal, pop tarts, pancake mix, syrup
- Pasta & sauce
- Protein- canned meats other than chicken
- Jelly/Jam
- Salt, pepper, other spices
- Other items (5 point per item)
Maximum possible points: 150 points
*All additional donations welcome and appreciated!
Maximum possible total points: 700 points

Bronco Cup Point Breakdown 


Minimum 3 members of the team must be in attendance for an event to receive participation points. 

Participation points are awarded to those who have checked in before the beginning of the event. 


Every team is able to earn and lose spirit points at each event, which will affect your overall score. Spirit will be based on the following:

 - Having the attitude, spirit and effort to inspire others to be their best.

 - Showing exceptional bronco pride. 

- Good sportsmanship. 

- Being creative and original. 

- Ability to follow policies and procedures for each event


— Questions? Contact salp-event3@wmich.edu