Internships are an important part of Western Michigan University's integrated supply management program and are now required prior to graduation. Internship experience is frequently a key factor in obtaining a full time position after graduation. Internships allow students to find out which aspect of supply management (e.g. purchasing, production, logistics, etc.) they are interested in and also the type of company they would like to work for after graduation. Many employers prefer to make job offers to students they have been able to evaluate through an internship experience.

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Internships provide students with opportunities to apply the knowledge they have gained through their coursework. In addition, students with internship experiences usually gain more from their integrated supply management courses because of their real-world experience, frequently making valuable contributions to the classroom experience of other supply chain students.

Employers who hire interns from the integrated supply management program reported that the hourly rate of pay averages between $13 to $17 per hour. Freshmen and sophomore status students may earn less than junior or senior status students.

Also, half of the employers reported offering student interns relocation and housing stipends and assistance with finding a roommate and temporary housing. This benefit may be offered to interns who travel more than 100 miles away from “home” to complete the internship.

To take full advantage of internship opportunities, students should:

  • Contact the Zhang Career Center for a resume critique.
  • Post an up-to-date resume on BroncoJobs.
  • Prepare for and attend WMU career fairs, scheduled in October and February.