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Sophomore Year

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You’re back for another great year! At this point, you probably know your way around campus and have a hang of the college routine. But the truth is, the first year is just the tip of the iceberg, and there’s a lot more to discover at WMU both inside and outside the classroom.

Explore the globe

Explore the globe

Whether you’re a homebody or a seasoned traveler, now is a great time to explore opportunities to study abroad!

Academic planning

Any good plan needs to be reviewed and modified from time to time, and your academic pathway is no different. Your academic advisor is a key resource to talk through what worked and what didn’t as a first-year student. Together you’ll make sure you’re completing requirements for Essential Studies and narrow in on your choice of major(s).

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  • Explore a new academic interest with a “fun” course. 

  • Review your Degree Works Plan and make changes as needed. 

  • Check your grades after midterms and final exams each semester.

  • Feeling stuck or challenged? Take advantage of our academic resources.

Career development

By now you’re probably starting to think about how your academic studies will lead into your larger plan. Maybe you’re ready to pursue an internship or get involved with research. A great way to start considering all your options is with a career advising session

Health and wellness 

You can’t give your best in the classroom if you aren’t taking care of your mind and body. Take the time to check back in with our free digital tool: WellTrack Boost. If you need additional support, we encourage you to explore the variety of offerings at Counseling Services and through Uwill.

This year at Western you should:

Buster’s Bucket List

Now that you’re more familiar with how things work around here, let’s break of out of your comfort zone and try something new:

Plan for the future