Transfer Student Tips

You're a Bronco! What's Next?

Transfer Transition To-Do

  • Set up your GoWMU Portal: You should have received a Bronco Net ID and a Temporary Password in the mail from Admissions. Your Bronco Net ID is different than your WIN (Western Identification Number). If you don’t have your Bronco Net ID and Temporary Password, you can get it by contacting the Help Desk at (269) 387-HELP (4357) or by e-mailing them at  
  • Use your GoWMU Portal: At the top of most WMU web pages is a small link called GoWMU. Click there and it will take you to the sign-in page for your personal portal. Click “First Time Logging In.” Enter your Bronco Net ID and Temporary Password. Create your personal password. Then log into your portal.
  • Across the top you will see helpful links: “catalog” which links you to the WMU Academic Catalog; “e-learning” which links you to the Blackboard Learning System for online learning; and “e-mail” which links you to your WMU e-mail account. Remember to check your e-mail daily to receive important information from financial aid, your academic advisor(s), your instructors, etc.
  • Click on “First-Year Student” Tab. Review the information found under the heading, “Congratulations – You’re in!” for helpful first-year information.
  • Click on “Student Home” Tab. From here you can check your financial aid status and view your award, add and drop classes, check your account balance and pay your bill, and take care of many aspects of your WMU business.
  • Set up an Authorized User: If you want to allow someone to be able to view certain academic and financial aid information, you must set them up as an authorized user in the portal under the “Student Home” tab.
  • Register for Classes: After setting up your Portal, follow the directions in your advising handbook to register for classes.
  • Purchase your Books: WMU Bookstore is located on the second floor of the Bernhard Center. Their number is (269) 387-3930 and their website is

Note:  Visit the bookstore website for online ordering options. The earlier you buy, the greater the opportunity for used books which are usually less expensive than new.

  • Get your Western Student ID: Your ID picture can be taken in the Bernhard Center in the room across from the WMU bookstore on the main floor after you are registered for courses. 
  • Take Care of Financial Aid: Visit Bronco Express located on the lower level of the Bernhard Center by the food court. Make sure WMU has received your FAFSA. Ask about scholarships. Find out what else you need to do. No appointment is needed. You can also call them at (269) 387-6000. Check out their web page:
  • Figure out the Bottom Line: There is a cost of attendance calculator on the Registrar’s home page: Enter your information and choose your options to figure your cost of attendance. Western charges a flat rate for full-time on-campus tuition (12-15 credits) in the Fall and Spring semesters. Online courses are included in the flat-rate tuition and also incur a $60/credit hour fee.  Regional Site courses are not included in the flat rate; you will be charged by the credit hour. Summer courses are also billed by the credit hour. After calculating your expenses, subtract your financial aid to determine your bottom line.  If needed, you can set up a payment plan in your Portal for an owing balance. Contact Bronco Express for details: (269) 387-6000.
  • Get your Parking Pass: Go to Parking Services and purchase your parking pass if you plan to have a vehicle on campus. They are located behind the University bookstore near the corner of West Michigan and Howard. You can contact them at (269) 387-4609 to see when you should purchase your pass. You must pay for your parking pass when you pick it up; it cannot be billed to your student account. Check out their website:
  • Figure out Housing: Check out WMU housing options for transfer students here: The number for Residence Life is (269) 387-4735.
  • Purchase your Meal Plan: There are commuter meal plans available. Read about them here: The number for Dining Services is (269) 387-3463.
  • Register for Orientation: Register for the Transfer Transition Program here: The number for the Advocacy Office is (269) 387-0740.
  • Send your Final Transcripts: If you are currently taking non-WMU courses, request that your final transcripts (after grades are posted) be sent to WMU Admissions, 1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI  49008-5211.

  • Stay In the Know: Beat the rush and avoid long lines! Come to the College of Business for advising right after Add/Drop (in September and January) to update your progress with an Academic Advisor and to get your course recommendations for the next semester. Visit us early in the semester for the shortest wait time. View walk-in hours on our website:

Welcome to Western and Go Broncos!