Edward Allan Pozo Endowment For Study Abroad

The Global and International Studies Program is pleased to offer a limited number of qualified GIST undergraduate students funds to study abroad. Please review the information below to submit an application. If you have any questions you can contact the Global and International Studies Program for support. 

Edward Allan Pozo Endowment for Study Abroad Scholarship Award Information:

  • Up to $500 may be awarded based on the seriousness of purpose and merit.  Other factors being equal, preference will be given to those who enroll in a WMU program.
  • The number of qualified applicants and the availability of funds will determine how many awards are made.
  • This award will be applied directly to the student’s WMU account and may impact financial aid.
  • Award recipients will be called upon to share their experience upon their return, such as in class presentations, Q and A at study abroad meetings, or photos with short captions that GIST may use to advertise the scholarship.
  • Evidence that the program is taking place is required before the transfer of funds.


  • Be a WMU GIST major in good standing,
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75,
  • Plan to complete a study abroad program or internship abroad.  The credits for the program must be transferable to WMU, AND
  • Be enrolled during the term for which funds have been requested.


  • October 15 for Spring and Winter break programs.
  • February 28 for Summer and Fall programs.

Application process and materials 

All materials must be submitted by October 15 (for study abroad planned for Winter break or Spring semester) or February 15 (for study abroad planned for Summer I, Summer II or Fall semesters) to The Global and International Studies Program.

Click here for PDF of Guidelines and Instructions

Please submit your coversheet with the 3 additional attachments outlined below in a single PDF. The order of the PDF should be: scholarship application coversheet first, then 1) personal statement 2) program description and 3) unofficial WMU transcript. 

Label and email this one complete PDF in the following naming protocol: EAP_LastName_FirstName.pdf
This final PDF must be emailed to: coas-global-intl-info@wmich.edu 

In the subject line of the email please use the award name and your name.
(ie: EAP_LastName_First Name) This is the same naming protocol as the PDF. 

Further information regarding the required attachments to the coversheet:
1.     A personal statement. Attach a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced personal statement in which you address the following:
     ·       the relevance of the study abroad program to your academic endeavors.
     ·       the personal benefits you believe that you will gain from the experience,
     ·       the qualifications that you feel have prepared you for study abroad.
2.     A brief description of the program, with an estimated cost breakdown (tuition, lodging, food, etc.) and total cost.  Include a link to the online description.
3.     An unofficial copy of your WMU transcript.

Be sure that your faculty sponsor submits their form by the due date and as specified in the document that you deliver to them. Please ask your faculty or staff mentor to submit the sponsor form separately. A form submitted directly from the faculty sponsor's WMU email does not need a signature. 

Proof of acceptance into the study abroad program must be submitted before funds will be disbursed. Funds will be awarded to your student account, and as such may impact your financial aid. 

 Coversheet  Faculty Sponsor Form

If you have additional questions please reach out to The Global and International Studies Program directly for support.