Environment and Science Podcasts

Environmental studies at Western Michigan University recommends the following podcasts.

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe is a top-20 iTunes podcast presented by the New England Skeptical Society. The podcast focuses on debunking junk science, ideological assaults on science, pseudoscience and illogical thinking.

This Week in Science

Produced at the University of California, Davis, This Week in Science is a podcast that examines current science news and events from an irreverent and humorous perspective.


On Skepticality, an entertaining podcast, skeptical hosts Derek and Swoopy discuss all manner of scientific fraud, pseudoscience, superstition and other forms of irrational or gullible thinking that cloud the public's understanding of science. Not specifically an environmental podcast, but many news items focus on how environmental issues are misreported in the popular media.

New Scientist Podcast

Published by the popular weekly magazine New Scientist, the New Scientist Podcast features major news headlines, stories and interviews. Many of their features focus on environmentally relevant topics.