Part-Time Instructors

Some resources specific to part-time instructors' needs are set out below. For an individual consultation, reach out to the director.


Needs Assessment Survey Report

A total of 586 Part-Time Instructors (PTIs) were surveyed in Fall 2017 for current professional development needs. The number of Part Time Instructors (PTIs) who viewed or responded to some of the questions on the survey was 111, and 91 completed it. The following report is based on the completed responses.

2017 PTI Survey Report

2016 PIO Survey Report


Instructional Development Grants

Funding is provided for an Article 17.5 of the WMU-PIO Agreement 2016 - 2021 Instructional Development Grants. Western agrees to provide a minimum of four thousand dollars ($4,000) each year of this Agreement to be used to support teaching and learning proposals from bargaining unit members. Proposals are encouraged as well from groups of part-time instructors, from departments, and from inter-department consortia of part-time instructors. Topics of proposals may include, but not be limited to: program development, continuing self-education, and international education.  There are now two distinct forms you can choose from in applying for this grant. If you are seeking primarily travel/conference funding, then select the travel grant form. If you are considering a creative project/event designed to enhance student learning, then you will want to select the project grant form.  Proposals will be reviewed through a process developed by the Office of Faculty Development and approved by the Office of the Provost. Maximum award level is up to $1,000. If the cost of the trip is less than $1,000 only actual expenses will be reimbursed.