Fashion Merchandising and Design Internship (FCS 4290)

FCS4290 department approval form

How do I plan an Internship?

Examine your personal goals, and seek a position to help you reach your career objectives. Internships give you the opportunity to reinforce academic learning and personal values and identify the skills you need to be successful in your field. Many employers view internships as one of the most valued credentials when making hiring decisions.

Determine how much time you have to devote to an internship. FCS 4290 requires completion of a minimum of 300 work hours (20 hours per week) in the semester enrolled. Up to six credits (600 work hours, 40 hours per week) may be earned. In addition to completing work hours, you will also set professional development goals and compile a portfolio documenting learning experiences as part of the internship. Consider your class schedule when determining if you have enough time to devote to an internship.

It is recommended that you complete your internship in the late junior or senior year. Successful completion of FCS 2020 Field Experience is a prerequisite for FCS 4290. Contact Ms. Kelly Weathers to discuss timing and suitable sites for your internship.

Your internship must be approved by major faculty prior to enrolling in the course. Begin planning your internship experience six months before you plan to enroll in the course. An internship can be completed anywhere on the planet, with faculty approval.

How do I find a position that fits the course requirements?

How do I enroll in the course?

Step 1. Obtain a position which fits your major's requirements.

Step 2. Determine the number of semester credits you wish to earn. You must enroll in and complete a minimum of three credit hours per semester (300 work hours required). Course may be repeated, up to six credits.

Step 3. Download and complete a department approval form (found at top of page).

Step 4. Obtain approval signature from your work supervisor on the FCS 4290 department approval form. This signature indicates that you have discussed course requirements for work hours and employer evaluations with your work supervisor.

Step 5. Obtain major faculty signature indicating approval of the internship experience site. Be prepared to discuss your job responsibilities, work schedule and how the position relates to your major.

Step 6. Submit typed scanned or hard copy of the completed FCS 4290 department approval form with all signatures to internship coordinator (Kelly Weathers). You will be allowed to register for the course after all steps are completed. Enrolled students will receive an email with syllabus and course completion instructions in the first few days of the semester.

Please note that it is not possible to register for this course until the registration restriction has been removed. Once approved, you will receive an email letting you know when you are able to register.

Questions? Please email Ms. Kelly Weathers.