Outreach extends presentations, information, resources, training and individualized educational programming across a diverse spectrum of students, families and our Western Michigan University and surrounding southwest Michigan communities. We focus on providing programs and events that are inclusive, promote exploration of educational pathways, financial aid, scholarships and experiential learning opportunities.


Admission campus and program visits
Interactive presentations individualized for each group that explore what financial aid is, types of aid, scholarship opportunities and what you can do now to prepare for college.

On-site admissions, Medallion Scholarship Program, Transfer Programs and Admitted Student Events
These presentations focus on information and resources from a ‘what’s next’ perspective in the financial aid process. Families and students have an opportunity to engage with financial aid professionals one-on-one.

Fine arts: dance, music or theatre audition days 
Families that attend have an opportunity to ask questions and learn about financial aid at WMU.


We provide students and parents time to learn and ask questions about financial aid at WMU. This includes a browsing session, panel discussion and informal questions at mixers. Discussion topics include: types of funding and how to access, loan pro's and con's, importance of a budget, scholarship opportunities freshman year and beyond, overview and explanation of the student financial aid offer letter, communications and special circumstances that may affect financial aid offers and disbursement.

Student organizations and departmental presentations 
Presentations take place on and off campus. Information and materials are audience appropriate and targeted pursuant to the needs of the department. We receive frequent requests to provide information and educate students about financial aid. We welcome opportunities to share and educate our colleagues. Specifically, those that significantly impact the recruitment and retention of students. You can expect to gain information, a financial aid perspective, resources and a ‘what’s next’ timeline to enable you to answer general financial aid questions and refer students to appropriate resources and staff.


Outreach creates customized financial interactive programs and college prep presentations to fit the needs of the population served. Our efforts are to support and promote our southwest Michigan communities and school districts and increase the number of college ready students by having a browsing table at high school parent conferences and college nights, attend parent advisory council meetings and present financial aid information in high school college prep courses. 


We host events designed for high school seniors and parents where we discuss the transition from senior year of high school to college freshman, generally located at high schools within the KRESA area. Some high schools we serve outside our district are Niles, Bangor, Paw Paw, Battle Creek, Plainwell, Battle Creek, Hopkins, Decatur and Mattawan.


We will share updates, information and resources so admissions staff can address general financial aid inquiries and refer parents and students to appropriate financial aid staff when needed. Conversely, financial aid staff receives information on scholarships, programs and admissions staff contact information. 


We support the University's effort to ensure employees and their families have an opportunity to gain knowledge about all the benefits and programs WMU has to offer, including answering general financial aid and tuition remission questions.  


We provide grade level appropriate materials, information, resources and program ideas to College Access Network professionals working in the KRESA area by collaborating and presenting information to students and parents. We maintain professional engagement with MCAN and NCAN to ensure programs and presentations align with College Access goals and objectives and remain current on best practices.


Xtreme Reality is an event that engages students and provides an interactive experience for all students that simulates future financial choices from a career or college perspective. Xtreme Reality is an eye opening experience that not only promotes an appreciation for the financial struggles and sacrifices of families, but increases awareness of some of the real expenses associated with life and living on a budget.