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Study Abroad Financial Aid

The prospect of studying abroad is an exhilarating and life-changing experience—but it requires thoughtful financial planning. At Western’s study abroad office, our advisors strive to give you every opportunity to make your overseas studies an affordable one. Let us help you plan for your educational costs so your mind can be free to roam.

Apply for financial aid early

  • Start the federal financial aid application process early. Apply online using the FAFSA. If you will be out of the country, remember to still apply for financial aid for the upcoming year. Know when you are leaving and have all paper work for financial aid done before you leave.
  • Meet with an advisor in the study abroad office. They will assist you in drawing up a budget for your study abroad program.
  • Financial aid can only be received at one institution at a time in each semester. Students cannot receive financial aid from two different schools during the same semester. To receive financial aid at Western, you must be admitted and enrolled in a degree-seeking program.


Pride points

  • $1,000 scholarships are given to students who received Pell Grants and are accepted to approved study abroad programs

Budgeting and offers

  • Meet with an advisor in the study abroad office at least three months prior to the semester you plan to study abroad. After your program has been approved for University credit, they can assist you in drawing up a budget for your study abroad program.
  • After you have the completed budget from the study abroad office, make an appointment with Student Financial Aid to determine your financial aid eligibility and receive assistance in coordination of your paperwork. While the amount of your aid can be increased due to the additional costs involved in studying abroad (flight, cost of living, etc.), do not assume you will be offered 100% of the money needed to cover the costs of your program.
  • Always seek additional or alternative sources of funding.


  • Abbie Lindblade visited Windsor Castle while in the U.K. for an internship.

    My internship abroad was just amazing. I feel like I got so much really cool experience and really built up my portfolio. ... It was really cool to see that there are scholarships specifically for us to study abroad or intern abroad.

    Abbie Lindblade, B.A.'23, studied abroad in the United Kingdom

    Read her story

Costs, billing and payments

  • You must be enrolled at least half time for most financial aid programs. If you are enrolled less than full time, some offers may be adjusted. Enrollment below half-time may result in the cancellation of your offers. Scholarships may be paid to you prior to your departure. Special arrangements need to be made with financial aid to release scholarship funds to you early.
  • All other financial aid is paid to your account through the normal disbursement process and any refund will be mailed, unless you have direct deposit. If the program is not a WMU program, you are responsible for paying the agency or school that is administering the program.
  • The cost of your airfare can be included in your financial aid package, but you will receive your airline bill from the travel agency or airlines before your financial aid funds are released. You will also be required to pay that bill before your financial aid is disbursed. Therefore, you will need to make arrangements to pay these bills in advance. Students who foresee problems covering these payments should contact Student Financial Aid.


  • Adriana Echols in China—study abroad

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