WMU Institutional Scholarships and Grants

Whether you’re looking for admissions or athletic scholarships, achievement-based grants or a tuition reduction as a dependent of a WMU employee, there are a variety of institutional scholarships and grants to help cover the expenses of your education. So be sure to take a minute to explore!

Please note: Western Michigan University will limit institutional funds (i.e., need-based grants, merit scholarships, departmental scholarships, employee tuition waivers, Indian Tuition Grant Waiver, etc.) to the annual cost of attendance.

Pride points

  • 99% of full-time undergraduate students with financial need received aid

    2023-24 Common Data Set

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  • 60% of students receive grant money directly from the school, which is above the national average for public schools

Admissions scholarships

You've put in the hard work—now it's time to see your reward.

Whether you are entering college for the first time after completing high school or are transferring to WMU from another institution, be sure to check out our scholarship options. Students earn scholarships for financial need, academic success and promoting multicultural awareness. Most are offered on a competitive basis. WMU merit scholarships are renewable for three consecutive academic years (first year), one additional year (transfer) or until degree requirements are met, whichever comes first.

Incoming first-year scholarships

Begin your college journey with access to awards and funding specifically designed for first-year students. From fully paid offerings within the Empowering Futures scholarships to the prestigious Medallion Scholarship Program, WMU is excited to contribute to the first-year offerings for our newest Broncos.

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Incoming transfer scholarships

Transferring to WMU also comes with unique scholarships created specifically for students who have made WMU their new academic home. In addition to many of the institutional offerings listed here, transfer students are eligible for Community College Competitive Transfer Scholarships.

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Departmental scholarships

Many Western Michigan University students benefit from scholarships offered through different colleges and programs.

Faculty and staff: For scholarship awarding and more, visit our dedicated Faculty and Staff resources page. If you are working with a student who has questions about financial aid, please refer them to Student Financial Aid.


Student quote

  • Receiving the phone call that I received the Foundation Scholarship changed my life completely. And every single day that I'm at Western, there's an impact that someone makes in my life. I don't know what life would be without the scholarship. I don't know if I would be the leader that I am today.

    Jessica Cortes, B.S.'22, M.S.W.'23, first-generation student and Foundation Scholar

Endowed scholarships

Through the generous support of donors, WMU has more than 50 endowed scholarships that are available to degree seeking students. To be considered for these and other scholarships, please access WMU’s ScholarshipUniverse system. Applications for the academic year will open January 15 and close March 1
Thank you to those who applied for an endowed scholarship for the 2024-25 academic year. Applications closed on March 1 and decisions will be communicated through the system May 10 for the 2024-25 academic year.

Athletic scholarships

WMU’s financial aid office disburses all athletic aid to student-athletes. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics offers athletic aid according to National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) guidelines. Athletic aid is considered part of a student’s financial aid package and will be factored into student aid offers to ensure compliance with both federal and NCAA regulations.

Graduate awards

Scholarships and grants

Graduate students are not eligible for the same financial aid programs that undergraduate students receive, which means no state or federal grant money. Your aid package will consist mostly of loans. However, scholarships and other funding may be available through the Graduate College.


WMU offers three categories of graduate assistantships:

  1. Teaching
  2. Research
  3. Non-teaching or service through the Graduate College

These programs are a great way to help pay for your graduate degree.

International student scholarships

International students do not qualify for federal financial aid, but institutional scholarships may be available through WMU’s International Admissions and Services office.

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Institutional scholarships renewals and appeals

Full-time enrollment and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) are required for scholarships to pay. If students are not meeting SAP requirements, then they must complete an SAP appeal with the Office of Student Financial Aid. If student’s SAP appeal is granted, the reinstated SAP status will automatically allow the scholarship to pay and no additional scholarship appeal is necessary. Please contact Bronco Express for further questions at (269) 387-6000 or finaid-info@wmich.edu.

  • Renewing or appealing your institutional scholarship

    To retain your renewable Western Michigan University scholarship, you must:

    1. Enroll for at least 12 hours each fall and spring semester at WMU,
    2. Pass a minimum of credit hours, per your initial scholarship offer, AND
    3. Achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average, per your initial scholarship offer. 

    Classes taken at another university or college, or in either summer session at WMU, are not factored into your overall completion and cannot be used as part of your appeal. By submitting this form, you are explaining your deficiency and requesting reinstatement of your scholarship.

    Appeals for reinstatement should be received by Oct. 1 for fall reinstatement or March 1 for spring reinstatement. Once a scholarship has been lost, the student must appeal for reinstatement within one calendar year. Scholarship appeals will be considered and granted ONCE during your time at WMU. Appeals in subsequent years WILL NOT be considered and failure to meet renewal requirements will result in the loss of your scholarship. See our Scholarship Reinstatement Appeal form.

  • See offer and renewal criteria chart
    OfferRenewal criteria
    Medallion Scholarship3.5 GPA, 28 hours completed
    President's Academic Excellence3.5 GPA, 28 hours completed
    Admissions Scholarships (Bronco Merit, Bronco Honors, Bronco Recognition, Brown & Gold)3.0 GPA, 28 hours completed
    Transfer Scholarships3.0 GPA, 24 hours completed
    MLK Gold Scholarship, Detroit Promise, Dean's Award, WMU Incentive2.5 GPA, 24 hours completed
    Foundation Scholarship3.0 GPA, 24 hours completed
    Seita ScholarshipSatisfactory Academic Progress. If satisfactory academic progress is required for renewal of your scholarship, you must file the SAP appeal form. You must additionally contact the Seita Scholars Program office for scholarship reinstatement approval.


  • Students, in the Valley's enjoying table hockey in a common space.

Residence Hall Grant

Returning undergraduate students who have completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that demonstrates financial need may qualify for a $4,000 WMU Residence Hall Grant that can be applied to the cost of their on-campus rooms. Students will be contacted if they qualify for the offer. Contacted students who indicate interest in the grant will be asked to reply with a deadline date, and preliminary offers will be made in the spring semester for the next academic year. A limited number of these offers are available. Please note: Campus apartment costs cannot be covered by the Residence Hall Grant.

  • Student at the Haworth Business College at a white board with other students looking on.

WMU Achievement Grant

The WMU Achievement Grant is a need-based grant for undergraduate students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree. Students must complete the FAFSA for the appropriate aid year, be enrolled at least half time and have an estimated family contribution (EFC) of up to $10,999. This grant is renewable, but students must reapply for financial aid and meet eligibility criteria each year. This grant is available to undergraduate students only.

Student Emergency Relief Fund

The Student Emergency Relief Fund (SERF) is available to assist students with financial needs outside of the expected costs of education.


Undocumented students

Privately funded assistance is available on a limited basis for noncitizens who are undocumented and having difficulty paying their tuition. In addition to tuition assistance, students with a work-eligible status, such as DACA, are eligible for jobs on campus. Information about student employment is available on Handshake.

  • Funding information for undocumented students

    Guidelines for scholarship aid for undocumented or DACA students:

    • Scholarship aid is for undergraduate students who are ineligible to receive federal student aid due to an undocumented or DACA status.
    • Scholarship aid is open to admitted freshmen, admitted transfers, and returning or currently enrolled students.
    • Students are encouraged to apply early, as awards are limited and subject to funding availability.
    • Students must demonstrate financial need (per financial documents submitted with the undocumented student or DACA application).
    • Full-time enrollment each semester is required.
    • Award is up to $6,000 per year.

    Awards may be renewable if the student:

    1. Submits a new Undocumented/DACA Scholarship Application for the following year.
    2. Remains enrolled full-time (fall and spring).
    3. Maintains Satisfactory Academic Progress.

    Though students must reapply for the funds yearly, they may receive the award up to 10 semesters or 150 credit hours, whichever comes first.

    Please log in to ScholarshipUniverse to view DACA applications.

Dependent tuition remission or reduction

Western offers a discount program for benefits-eligible employees and a remission program for the spouse and dependent children of employees with full-time benefits eligibility. Remission is 75% of tuition and required fees (records initiation fee, enrollment fee, student assessment fee and EUP technology fee) for courses offered and taken for academic credit at WMU and requires an application. Students must be enrolled as undergraduate students in credit-bearing courses to receive this benefit. More information is available through WMU Human Resources. Please note: The 100% tuition discount for faculty and staff is managed by Accounts Receivable.


More funding opportunities

  • Federal student grants: A federal student grant is a type of financial aid that you don’t have to pay back. They come in the form of the federal Pell Grant, the federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the federal TEACH Grant.

  • State of Michigan scholarships: Residents of Michigan may qualify for scholarships or grants. The state of Michigan will notify WMU of student eligibility, and the financial aid office will offer students accordingly.

  • Private scholarships: Private scholarships are free funds from sources outside of WMU. Scholarships that are received from a private source must be reported to the University and must be factored in to existing student financial aid offers.

  • Loans: Loans are another way to finance your education. Undergraduate and graduate students and parents of dependent students may borrow money to pay for educational expenses.