Colloquia and Seminars

The Department of Geography, Environment, and Tourism regularly hosts scholars from around the world to exhibit their most recent research and findings. Talks and events listed here are part of the Lucia Harrison Colloquium Series unless otherwise noted.  These events are open to the general public and all students are encouraged to attend these unique seminars to gain invaluable information regarding the cutting edge studies ongoing in the field of geography and related disciplines. All events are held at 2 pm in 2119 Wood Hall (unless stated otherwise).

Upcoming Events

 January 20

"Too Small to Go It Alone": Indigenous Innovations in Environmental Management and Economic Development in the Cheslatta Carrier Nation Traditional Territory, British Columbia, Canada, presented by Dr. Soren Larsen, professor of Geography at the University of Missouri, supported by the Lucia Harrison Endowment Fund and the Institute of Environment and Sustainability, 2 P.M., Wood Hall 2119.

Past Events

April 15

Delusions and Delineations of Agricultural Regions in the US and China: Philosophical and Methodological Considerations, presented by Dr. Gregory Veeck, professor of Geography, Environment, and Tourism at Western Michigan University, 2 P.M., Wood Hall 2119.

April 8

Bridging the gap: Integrating critical human and physical geography in practice, presented by Dr. Rebecca Lave, professor and chair of Geography at the Indiana University Bloomington, supported by the Lucia Harrison Endowment Fund, 2 P.M., Wood Hall 2119. 

March 18

Deconstructing Food Access: Public Health, Geographic Information Systems, and the Power of Maps, Dr. Daniel Block, professor of Geography at Chicago State University, supported by the Lucia Harrison Endowment Fund, 2 P.M., Wood Hall 2119.

February 18

Climate Consciousness: Empire, Energy, Progress, presented by Dr. Dylan Harris, assistant professor of Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, supported by the Lucia Harrison Endowment Fund, 2 P.M., Wood Hall 2119.