What Can I Do?

There are lots of ways to help in keeping our campus and community a welcoming place!

Stay Up To Date

WMU Immigration Services partners with Fragomen Worldwide Immigration to make sure that our community can stay updated on executive orders and how it will affect students, faculty, and staff. 

Questions about immigration status should always be directed to either WMU Immigration Services or to another professional resource

Help Direct Students to Resources

All WMU students have access to resources provided by the university that range from academic aid to wellness.

Questions about immigration status should always be directed to either WMU Immigration Services or to another professional resource

Join a current welcoming campaign

You are welcome here posters, t-shirts, and stickers

Campus and Kalamazoo community members posted welcoming messages at the You Are Welcome Here Town Hall on February 22.

The WMU Haenicke Institute for Global Education is proud to be an advocate of diversity and has developed a “You are welcome here” poster to assure students of this fact. Everyone is invited to print a poster or submit poster requests to the Haenicke Institute at wmu-international@wmich.edu. The poster was designed by WMU graphic and printing science major Nastasia Harden. The campaign is also available as a t-shirt and/or sticker, t-shirts are purchasable for $10 in 2425 Ellsworth Hall.

Post a welcoming note

Starting Monday, February 27, the WMU University libraries across campus will invite everyone to leave welcoming post-it messages on a welcome board near the entrance. They invite units across campus and in the community to follow suit. Some examples of instructions are:

We invite you to post a welcoming message for the members of our diverse community. #WelcomeAtWestern #Kalamazoo
Help us lift our community! Leave a message or share a thought... #WelcomeAtWestern #Kalamazoo

Get involved with local efforts

There are many opportunities on the WMU campus and in the local community to get involved with inclusivity efforts.

WMU Opportunities

Community Opportunities