Asian Studies Minor


This minor may be organized around a general study of Asia, one of its regions, or specific countries. Completion of appropriate courses must be completed through more than one department. The minor requires:

  • 18 credit hours with a minimum grade of C in all courses.
  • At least half of the courses to be at the 3000 level or above.
  • Up to eight hours of an Asian language (such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) may be included in the minor requirements. 
  • Appropriate study abroad courses are welcome.

Courses offered at WMU that may be applied to this minor include, but are not limited to:

  • ANTH 3400-Cultures of Asia
  • ART 2230-Introduction to Asian Art History
  • CHIN 2750-Chinese Life & Culture
  • CHIN 2800-Chinese Calligraphy
  • ECON 3870-Studies in Asian Economies
  • ENGL 3130-Asian Literature
  • GEOG 3830-China, Japan, and Korea
  • HIST 3760-Modern East Asia
  • HIST 3790-WWII in US and Japanese History
  • HIST 3850-Modern Middle East
  • HOL 5380-Easter Thought & Practice
  • JPNS 2750-Japanese Life & Culture
  • PSCI 3440-Russian/Central Asian Politics
  • REL 2010-Buddhism
  • REL 2020-Religion in China
  • REL 2030-Religion in Japan
  • REL 2040-Religion in India
  • REL 3360-Zen & Buddhist Meditation

For more information or for printable information, please see our Asian Studies minor flyer.