SpeakOUT! Panel Program

SpeakOUT! speakers bureau panel presentations

SpeakOUT! is a panel discussion program designed to increase awareness about the diversity of different sexual orientations and gender identities through peer contact and conversation with audience members. Panelists are lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, asexual, and genderqueer volunteers who share their coming out stories and lived experiences. The panels provide audience members to interact with panelists through a question-and-answer style discussion following their stories. SpeakOUT! panels are requested by a variety of classes, residence halls, and student organizations every semester. Panelists meet regularly to foster a community of support, friendship, and continuing education. Training for new panelists is held each fall and spring semester. 

Become a panelist

Join WMU's largest LGBTQIA+ program to share your story to make a difference on campus. Sharing our stories as LBGTQIA+ people can help build connections, break down stereotypes and make a difference in our community. Join us for an engaging and thoughtful training as our facilitators help us learn to share our stories with impact. During the training you'll also get a chance to meet new and experienced panelists who are also looking to make a difference at WMU.

All LBGTQIA+ persons including community members, students, faculty and staff are encouraged and welcome to serve as panelists and participate in our panelist training! To sign up for an individual training and/or to speak on a panel, email Program Assistant Makenzie Marts.

Fall 2020 Panels:

Attending and participating in a panel can count for WMU Signature credit and academic credit (when applicable). Panels with scheduled classes will be secure through zoom and possibly streamed live via Facebook for others to view.

  • Wednesday, September 30, 11:30-12:15pm
  • Monday, October 26, 5-6:15pm
  • Tuesday, November 3, 0:30-10:30am