Gender Inclusive Resources

The following information provides resources for WMU on campus gender inclusion. This document provides information on how to create an inclusive classroom environment for transgender/gender non-conforming students.

  • WMU Non-Discrimination Policy

    Western Michigan University strives to provide a safe, welcoming environment which encourages a diverse population. As of 2011, Western was voted one of the top 25 most LBGT friendly universities in the nation. In order to facilitate the comfort and inclusion of all students, faculty, and staff of the university, Western includes sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity in its non-discrimination policy.  No one attending or working for Western should, under any circumstances, be discriminated against or harassed for being part of the LBGT community. 

  • WMU Preferred Name Policy

    Western Michigan University recognizes that some students use first names other than their legal names to identify themselves. As an inclusive and diverse community, WMU allows students to use a preferred first name different than their legal name for certain purposes and records in the course of university business, communication, and education.

    As of the 2016 Summer I semester, WMU has expanded the implementation of the student preferred name policy. This second phase of the preferred name policy implementation includes two primary changes: preferred name will now appear as the only first name on class rosters if one is indicated; and, preferred name will display in Elearning.  

    For more information on how to indicate a preferred name and where it will appear visit the registrar's website. Note: you can change your email after changing your preferred name. Please include a note in your request to OIT that you have changed your preferred name.

    If your preferred name is not being displayed correctly or you have any questions about the preferred name policy, please contact the Registrar or Director of LBGT Student Services

  • Gender Inclusive Housing

    The Department of Residence Life at Western Michigan University is committed to offering housing options that provide safe and comfortable living environments for all students. Gender inclusive housing options are available for LBGT and gender non-conforming students who wish to live on campus. Additional information about Gender Inclusive Housing can be found on the Residence Life webpage.

    Karen Lamons
    Housing Assignments Coordinator
    Western Michigan University
    (269) 387-4742