Photo of Melissa Holman
Director, Multicultural Affairs for Students
(269) 387-4420
Photo of Ashley Bravo
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program
(269) 387-3338
Photo of Vun Doubblestein
Director, Mentoring for Success Program
(269) 387-3316
Photo of Jordan Johnson
Navigation Specialist
(269) 387-3374
Photo of Alexander Long
Graduate Assistant, Community Mentoring Program
(269) 387-4420
Photo of Jose Alexis Mejia
Navigation Specialist
(269) 387-3373
Photo of Lisbeth Morales
Recruitment and Retention Specialist, College Assistance Migrant Program
(269) 387-3375
Photo of Hannah Powless
Program Coordinator, Mentoring for Success Program
(269) 387-4799
Photo of Jessica Rocha-Garcia
Coordinator of Student Services, College Assistance Migrant Program
(269) 387-4407
Photo of Tim Smolenski
Navigation Specialist
(269) 387-4785
Photo of Kendall Walker
Financial Wellbeing and Outreach Specialist, Kalamazoo Promise
(269) 387-6057
Photo of Navia Walker
Graduate Assistant, Kalamazoo Promise
(269) 387-4421