Area families needed to host international visitors

Contact: Korey Force
Japanese exchange student in a WMU sweatshirt smiles while holding Japanese and U.S. American flag.

Host families enjoy the benefits of meeting new people, exploring new cultures and introducing U.S. American culture to international students.

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Western Michigan University is seeking homestay opportunities for visiting international teachers and students arriving in August. A stipend of $450 a month will be paid to each hosting family for the duration of the guest's stay, which can range from four weeks to one year.

Host families will be assigned an international visitor and are required to provide them with a private bedroom and two meals daily—breakfast and dinner. The guest pays for all other personal expenses while in the United States.

Benefits of Hosting an International Visitor  

  • Exposure to a new language and culture.
  • Opportunities to teach international visitors about American values and traditions.
  • Ability to help international visitors learn English in a family setting.
  • Chance to increase cultural awareness in the community.

A simple, online application process is utilized for host family selection. To apply, interested families may send an email to or call Barb Curley, host family coordinator with Lodge & Learn in Portage, at (269) 217-9094. 

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