ABC's of Study Abroad

What can study abroad do for you?

Study abroad, in addition to enhancing your education by raising your geographical and cultural awareness, has been linked to cognitive, academic, and professional benefits.  Whether you are a business major, biology major, fashion major, foreign language major, or any major in between, Western Michigan University has a study abroad program suited for you.

Learning Objectives

Through WMU study abroad, you will develop:  

  • Knowledge: demonstrating an understanding of a host culture’s values through a global lens.
  • Proficiencies: increasing global cognitive, professional and/or language skills. 
  • Perspective: gaining heightened awareness of your own individual origins, practices and habits, and empathizing with other cultures.
  • Connections: understanding that humans are interdependent and should work toward a just and a sustainable future.

Begin your journey

Helpful resources: 

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