Incoming International Students


The American University Experience (formerly known as "Study Abroad @WMU") is a short-term option for international students to enroll at WMU for one or two consecutive semesters to study in English. Students from international partner institutions receive a discounted program rate. 


Thank you for your interest in pursuing an exchange opportunity with Western Michigan University. WMU has active exchange agreements with 31 international partners and highly values the mutual benefit drawn through student mobility and faculty exchanges.

Buddy Abroad program

Western Michigan University welcomes international exchange and American University Experience students from around the world each year.  The Buddy Abroad Program seeks to provide support and intercultural learning opportunities for these Visiting International Peers (VIPs) by pairing them with a WMU student studying in the Global and International Studies Program.  The pairing serves as a mutually educational experience in which our WMU Buddies learn about the culture and heritage of our VIPs while serving as a cultural ambassador to help VIPs learn about campus, the local community, and U.S. American culture.