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A great education doesn't just change your life, it changes the lives of those around you. At Western Michigan University, you can earn your degree, learn to problem solve , and walk away with everything you need to make a difference in the world.

Explore our interest areas to find a program that fits your passions. And if you're not quite sure at this point yet, don't worry; we're experts at putting students on the perfect path to future success.

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Business, Commerce and Entrepreneurship

You enjoy uniting people for a common goal, moving projects forward and leading the charge toward the next project.

 The big PITCH


English, Humanities and the World

You love getting to know people and what makes them tick. It's a big world, and you want to understand how all of its inhabitants live and interact to make it a better one.

People Person 


Health and Human Development

You understand the importance of nutrient-based health and mental health. You have a passion to share this with society.

A Healthy Curiosity 


Liberal Arts and Science

The world is your office. You're fascinated by nature, and you know that the well-being of your community is directly tied to the health of every living thing on Earth.

Hello world 


Aviation, Engineering, Math and Science

If there's a better way to do something, you're the right person to find it. You ask great questions, see potential everywhere and aren't afraid to try something new.

invent it here 


Sustainability and Environment

Your passion is people and protecting the planet we all live on. You care deeply about the environment, especially about preserving it for future generations.

save it for later 


Creative, Design and Performing Arts

You're Team Right-Brain all the way. Whether it's drawing, acting or design, you're constantly on the lookout for the next great creative endeavor.

express yourself

If you are ready to submit your application, but still exploring your major options, please select University Curriculum as your major. WMU offers resources to assist with career exploration, including career counseling and general education courses, before you declare a major. Exploratory Advising will help you gain the knowledge and tools needed to make an educated decision regarding your academic career and to explore possible majors in a meaningful, productive way. Click here to visit Exploratory Advising's page.