Pre-Health Pathways

Student in chemistry lab working with lab equipment.

The majority of careers in health professions require graduate level training. Western Michigan University College of Arts and Sciences pre-health advisors take pride in helping our students enter the premiere professional schools in the State of Michigan and around the nation. It is highly recommended to make an appointment with one of the pre-health advisors once a semester to discuss both your general education questions and your professional school plans. Students who routinely meet with their advisors have a higher likelihood of being successful in their graduate school applications.

Pre-health advisors

Use the following links to make an appointment with one of the pre-health advisors:

Note: Pre-health advising has been suspended for the duration of registration and will resume November 23.

Pre-Health Advising


Students should take advantage of the following resources:
(Note: These should serve in addition to, not in place of, regular meetings with a pre-health advisor.)

Additionally, students from WMU have the opportunity to apply to the Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine early through their WMed Start program.