College curriculum

Curriculum committee changes and proposals
Anise Strong, History
Anna Popkova, School of Communication
Ashley Glass, executive assistant, College of Arts and Sciences
Beth Cramer, academic advisor senior, College of Arts and Sciences
Gary Marquardt, Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies
Grace Tiffany, English
C James Hueng, Economics
John Miller, Chemistry
Kevin Knutson, ex-officio member, College of Arts and Sciences
Kevin Wanner, Comparative Religion
Nathan Robinson, academic advisor, College of Arts and sciences
Nicolas Witschi, ex-officio member, College of Arts and Sciences
Peter Voice,committee chair, Geological and Environmental Sciences
Timothy McGrew, Philosophy
Vincent Reitano, School of Public Affairs and Administration
Zbigniew Chajecki, Physics

Diversity and inclusion

Committee objectives and resources

Graduate education


International committee

Committee objectives and resources

Global engagement resources

Research, scholarly and creative activities


Space and infrastructure


Undergraduate education