Photo of Ashley Glass
Executive Assistant
(269) 387-4381
Photo of Cheryl Frommann
Budget Analyst Senior
(269) 387-4346
Photo of Jessica Hermann-Wilmarth
Chief Development Officer
Photo of Joseph Hill
Computer Support Technician
(269) 387-2487
Photo of Gina Johnson
Assistant Director of Leadership Gifts
Network Administrator
(269) 387-4340
Photo of Tyler Payne
Network Administrator Senior
(269) 387-4354
Photo of Stephanie Radant
Budget Manager
(269) 387-4353
Photo of Kathleen Refior
Marketing Specialist
(269) 387-4547
Photo of Gabriela Saliwanchik
Manager of Undergraduate Recruitment and Outreach
(269) 387-4371
Photo of Don Weber
Director of Information Technology
(269) 387-4399
Photo of Michael Worline
Manager of Marketing and Communications
(269) 387-4576