Declaring a Major and Minor

Which major is best for you?

Western Michigan University offers more than 240 academic programs to students pursuing degrees through the doctoral level. The College of Arts and Sciences teaches over 52 percent of all student credit hours at all WMU campuses. If you are uncertain which major to choose or what you may be able to do with your major, you may:

  • Complete the career self-assessment through Focus
  • Enroll in UNIV 1020: Career Exploration and Development
  • Meet with a career advisor in Career and Student Employment Services, (269) 387-2745
  • Register with BroncoJobs to obtain information on various job opportunities and career search options

Some programs of study will require you to be a declared major or minor in order to take the department courses. However, knowing your academic strengths, weaknesses and interests will help you to develop a schedule of courses that will be beneficial regardless of your major or minor. General education courses or entry-level major or minor courses can assist you in exploring these areas.

Meeting with an advisor

The number of advisors you have depends on your major or minor, but most students in the College of Arts and Sciences will have:

  • A department advisor for major requirements.
  • A department advisor for minor requirements.
  • A college advisor for the general education curriculum and degree requirements.

An advisor serves as an information liaison between you and the University and will review program requirements, assist with program planning and can be a great resource for career opportunities. Ideally, you should see each advisor at least once or twice a year to ensure that you are progressing through your program requirements in an efficient and timely manner.

Academic catalogs change each year; therefore, graduation requirements for your major, minor or curriculum could change. Your catalog year is displayed on your Degree Works. Discussions regarding your catalog year should take place with your advisors. Any requirements, restrictions and guidelines that apply to your catalog year apply to you. So, if you and a friend have the same major, you both may follow different catalog year requirements. When in doubt about requirements, check with your advisors.