Women's Caucus

The Women's Caucus promotes an academic culture of inclusiveness at Western Michigan University in research, teaching, service and administrative work by:

  • Focusing on issues involved in the recruitment and retention of women.
  • Recognizing and encouraging the endeavors of women.
  • Discussing special challenges that women face in the tenure and promotion process.
  • Supporting the transition of qualified faculty members into administrative positions.
  • Raising gender awareness among administrators, faculty members and students across campus.


Gender Scholar Award Presentation

Gender Scholar Award

To further support and encourage these efforts, the Women's Caucus offers an annual Gender Scholar Award for College of Arts and Sciences faculty who demonstrate excellence in gender-related research and scholarly activities.

Steering committee

  • Mariana Levin, steering committee co-chair, mathematics
  • Tabitha Mingus, steering committee co-chair, mathematics
  • Anna Popkova, communication
  • Alisa Perkins, comparative religion
  • Ilana Nash, gender and women's studies
  • Michelle Hrivnyak, intercultural and anthropological studies
  • Amy Bocko, ex-officio member, University Libraries