Student Research

Female student in chemistry lab putting liquid into a beakerWestern Michigan University has a strong tradition and commitment to provide undergraduate and graduate students with mentored research and creative activity experiences. Students work alongside faculty on scholarly activities in the laboratory, in the classroom, in field experiences and in design work.

Students are encouraged to consult their department chairs and faculty for opportunities to work with faculty in research and creative activities.

Graduate research

Funding opportunities for graduate research can be found through The Graduate College.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Climate Change Research Graduate Scholarship for graduate students engaged in outstanding, independent scholarly research related to climate change.

Undergraduate research

To help WMU in being a student centered research university, the College of Arts and Sciences involves its students in the research and creative activities of the faculty. 

Each year undergraduate researchers from biological sciences and chemistry present their work at the National Undergraduate Research Conference. Some non-science departments also have student internships and research projects.

  • Many departments offer undergraduate research courses
  • Research fellowships are available in conjunction with the Lee Honors College, Binder Park Zoo, Bronson and Borgess Hospitals and the Department of Natural Resources


Financial support

WMU offers opportunities for students to apply for grants to subsidize their engagement in scholarly efforts.