Strategic Planning

College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Underway

Dean Koretsky started the planning process in May 2023. Visit regularly for updates and contribute feedback. We'll share source documents, meeting minutes, info on upcoming listening sessions, surveys for comments and questions, and draft strategic plans for your review.

Strategic Plan 2017 - 2021

The College of Arts and Sciences 2017-21 Strategic planning process began in early fall 2016 with the selection of a strategic planning committee chosen to represent the diverse constituents of our campus community: alumni, students, staff, faculty and administration. The planning committee participated in a series of sessions with expert facilitator Peter Dams of Dams & Associates. We began by articulating the mission and guiding principles of our college and developing a vision for our future. We then carefully considered the barriers that prevent us from achieving our vision and developed specific strategies to overcome them. In a series of open town hall meetings, members of the campus community were invited to comment on, and contribute to, our draft strategic plan. 

These are challenging times for the higher education community, and particularly for colleges of arts and sciences. Declining or stagnant state support, increasing costs of attendance, shifting demographics and the perceived value of a ‘liberal education’ all have a major impact on our community. We have tremendous confidence that we have the commitment and talent to overcome all of these challenges and achieve our vision: excellence in all aspects of learning and discovery across the humanities, social sciences and sciences while fostering a climate of intellectual freedom, diversity and inclusion.

2023 Strategic Planning

In May 2023, Dean Koretsky commenced the strategic planning process for the College of Arts and Sciences. The process is being facilitated by Dr. Peter Dams of Dams and Associates, Inc., and a planning committee comprising more than 20 members from the A&S faculty, staff, and student body is spearheading the effort. Through this collaborative planning endeavor, the goal is to engage internal and external stakeholders, fostering a collective understanding of the college's current state and its envisioned future.


Timeline and Process

As an essential component of the strategic planning process, Dr. Peter Dams from Dams and Associates, Inc. will lead workshops with the strategic planning committee. Each workshop will concentrate on a specific goal of the College, and following the end of all sessions, a feedback summary of each workshop will be made available to gather input from the broader community.

Student Townhall

The College of Arts and Sciences has organized a Student Townhall to gather student input on draft goals for the next four years.

Strategic Planning Committee

The 2023 College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Committee is comprised of members representing college faculty, staff and students.

Matthew Alonso, administrative assistant, World Languages and Literatures

Meghan Behymer, marketing specialist senior, College of Arts and Sciences Marketing

Deirdre Courtney, faculty specialist I, Institute of Intercultural and Anthropological Studies and School of Environment, Geography, and Sustainability

Ashley Glass, executive assistant, College of Arts and Sciences

Yaronn James Arciaga, College of Arts and Sciences graduate student, Department of Mathematics

Carla Koretsky, dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Ben Ofori-Amoah, chair, School of Environment, Geography, and Sustainability

Pablo Pastrana-Pérez, chair, Department of Spanish

Alisa Perkins, associate professor, Department of Comparative Religion

Stephanie Peterson, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences

David Rudge, professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Mallinson Institute for Science Education

Kostandi Stephenson, College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate student, Department of English

Nic Witschi, associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences