Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2024 - 2028

The College of Arts and Sciences 2024-2028 Strategic Plan goals focus on four key areas: Academic Excellence; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging; Research and Creative Scholarship; and Community Engagement. Each goal includes clear objectives and strategies that we will implement together over the next four years. As I wrote when we crafted our last strategic plan, these are perilous times in the higher education community, particularly for colleges of arts and sciences. The trends of stagnant or declining state support for public education, increasing costs of attendance for students, declining numbers of high school graduates, and negative perceptions regarding the value of a “liberal education” continue to challenge all of us. Indeed, since our last strategic plan was launched, we have weathered a global pandemic, an unprecedented permanent budget reduction, and a sharply divided nation. Nonetheless, I remain confident in our talented, creative, collaborative, and dedicated community. Together, we will achieve our vision of excellence in all aspects of learning and discovery across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences while fostering a climate of intellectual freedom, diversity, and inclusion. 

— Dr. Carla Koretsky, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences