Transfer Advising


Community college transfer guides and equivalency

Courses from Michigan four-year colleges or out-of-state institutions must first be checked by the credit evaluators in the Western Michigan University Admissions Office (269) 387-2000.

Community college transfer agreements

All Michigan community colleges and some Illinois community colleges have transfer agreements with WMU for pre-approved courses. A transfer credit evaluation will be done on your records upon admission to the University. Some courses will have the direct equivalent course noted on your transfer credit evaluation slip. Other courses will have a notation "CBDRO" (Credit By Department Recommendation Only). See the specific department to determine which course, if any, for which you may be able to receive credit. We make every attempt to match the transfer courses with those at WMU. However, due to the wide variety of courses available at colleges and universities across the nation, not every course has a direct equivalent.

General transfer advising

What are the basics about transferring to WMU?

The Office of Admissions has an inclusive guide to help prospective transfer students make a successful transition to WMU.

Will a certain course transfer?

Make an appointment to see an advisor and bring whatever information you can find about the course with you (i.e. a course syllabus or catalog description).

May I apply coursework which does not receive exact numerical equivalency to WMU courses?

These courses must be approved by the appropriate advisor for use in any major, minor, or LEC/General Education requirement.

Is there a minimum grade required?

You must obtain a C or higher for any course to transfer to WMU.

See graduation requirements.