Academic Dismissal and Readmission

If you have been academically dismissed from Western Michigan University and wish to return to complete a degree in the College of Arts and Sciences:

Petitioning for readmission does not guarantee automatic readmission to the University. The decision to readmit is determined by the College of Arts and Sciences Readmission Committee or the WMU Office of Admissions.

If re-admitted:

  1. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of the committee members listed on your acceptance letter (processing your readmission will not be done as a walk-in). Deadlines for readmission appointments exist. Call (269) 387-4366 for college requirements.
  2. If you last attended WMU four or more years ago, you may also apply for academic forgiveness
  3. Meet with the departmental advisors for each of your intended major(s) and minor(s) to determine your eligibility to satisfactorily complete those programs. Individual academic departments may have specific requirements and restrictions for certain majors and minors.
  4. Be sure to contact Bronco Express at (269) 387-6000 for Financial Aid inquiries.