Focus Assessment

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  • In what type of environment would I like to work?
  • How do I like to work with people?
  • What are my strengths and skills?

If you have questions like these, career assessments such as Focus2 can help you.

Complete the Focus2 career assessment to discover your values, interests, skills, and personality and identify WMU majors and career options that match your results. 

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Begin here

  • Think about the classes, activities, reading, research you love to do. Study a subject you love and in which you will succeed.
  • Find at least five potential careers you may enjoy. Compare and contrast requirements for education, everyday tasks, salary, knowledge/skills and career outlook.
  • Make a list of priority career values (from the Focus2 assessment) and ensure your potential occupations match them.
  • Get an interpretation in the Career Zone, the Zhang Career Center or self-select your major options through the assessment site.