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Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

The College of Arts and Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Western Michigan University aims to foster and support an inclusive and respectful environment for all members of the college community. The committee will make recommendations to the dean’s office on diversity-related issues and sponsor initiatives that support efforts to understand and celebrate the differences among us. The committee may also function in an advisory capacity to provide guidance to the Office of the Dean in addressing diversity-related concerns.


  • Raise awareness of existing formal and informal barriers to diversity and inclusivity and recommend changes
  • Develop programs and policies to enhance awareness of and respect for diversity in the college
  • Encourage and support student, staff and faculty experiences that that enhance diversity
  • Encourage and support diversity-related collaborations between and among students, faculty and community members
  • Serve as liaison and communicate with relevant WMU committees as necessary and appropriate, for example, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Committee members

Jacquelyn Bizzell, College of Arts and Sciences advising
Lisah Crall, Chemistry
Whitney DeCamp, Sociology
Sharon Gill, Biological Sciences
Rebecca Huntley, Political Science
Kaycie James, Psychology
Douglas Johnson, Psychology
Olivia Leigh Moskot, Philosophy
Ilana Nash, Gender and Women Studies
David Paul, Philosophy
Alisa Perkins, Comparative Religion
  • We would like to recognize that Western Michigan University is located on lands historically occupied by Ojibwe, Odawa, and Bodewadmi nations. Please take a moment to acknowledge and honor this ancestral land of the Three Fires Confederacy, the sacred lands of all indigenous peoples, and their continued presence.