About Us

In July 2020, the management of the university's assessment endeavors was rolled back into the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, as the assessment of student learning is a critical part of institutional effectiveness in promoting and supporting evidence-based planning and improvement. These endeavors still include management of institutional assessment, the Campus Labs Student Course Ratings System (CLCRS), and University Assessment Steering Committee (UASC) activities such as Assessment in Action, Assessment Fellows Grants, and Assessment Mentor Program. This move will help us to enhance and improve upon collaborative efforts toward quality improvement initiatives at WMU as well as working toward fulfilling the mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

We are pleased to continue to offer support and assistance to the university community in regards to outcomes assessment. For questions or assistance, contact Karen Stokes Chapo: karen.stokeschapo@wmich.edu


Units on campus who are involved with assessment

  • University Assessment Steering Committee, including the following subcommittees: Campus Support, Information and Communication, Assessment Awards and Recognition and Engagement and Assessment in Action Conference.
  • WMU Essential Studies Assessment.
  • Assessment contacts by college, division and learner support units.