Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit is your guide to assessment-related information and resources. It is designed to help you to carry out assessment activities, and contains information from both internal and external sources to aid in completing all steps of the iterative assessment process. We hope that you find what you're looking for, and we'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions for how we might improve this resource.

  • What is assessment? What is the difference between assessment, evaluation, and research? Glossary, FAQs and more.

  • Assessment resources for the classroom environment.

  • Assessment resources for outside of the traditional classroom.

  • Key components for an effective and comprehensive assessment plan/process.

  • Tips for how to identify and articulate assessment outcomes that are meaningful and measurable.

  • Examples of outcomes for classroom and co-curricular assessment to help get you started.

  • Strategies and tools for assessing academic progress, understanding student outcomes, and enhancing the teaching and learning process.

  • What are rubrics and how can you use them to evaluate student performance on intended outcomes?

  • Information about typical assessment plan and reporting components. Several examples will be shared to help get you started.

  • Tips and ideas for how to use assessment data to make improvements in teaching and learning.

  • Ideas for how to share assessment data to tell the story about intended learning and progress toward meeting student outcomes.

  • It is vital that equitable practices be embedded in all assessment efforts in order to make it learner-centered, with a focus on the individual learners.

  • Learn about data sources readily available at WMU that may provide you with insights into your outcome achievement.

  • How to access funding to help make your assessment project come to life.

  • Learn about assessment-related journals that provide scholarly research, discussions, and advancements in the field of assessment

  • Assessment organizations and more

    Links to professional organizations, online platforms and selected books dedicated to assessment best practices.

  • Assessment professional development tools

    Information about learning platforms, annual conferences, listservs, and events/sessions held by WMU for assessment-related professional development.