University Diversity Committee

Committee Chairs

Chair: Amanda Jeppesen
Co-Chair: Lisah Crall


The purpose of the WMU Diversity Steering Committee is to advise the various Diversity Committees on implementing strategies and setting strategic goals to increase diversity and inclusion within their respective areas and to assist the VP of Diversity and Inclusion to prioritize programs and initiatives to support and promote the growth, development and sustainability of the VP area of Diversity and Inclusion.


Membership shall consist of representatives from the various diversity committees across campus and a representative from the areas that report to the VP of Diversity and Inclusion. It is the responsibility of each college level diversity committee to select their representative to serve on the Diversity Steering Committee. It will be the responsibility of the VP of Diversity and Inclusion to work with the ODI leadership team to select the ODI representatives to serve on the Diversity Steering Committee.

Membership Responsibilities

  • Attend bi-annual meetings
  • Attend at least one event focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Serve as ambassadors for Diversity and Inclusion on the WMU campus and the Kalamazoo community
  • Identify new opportunities to engage in diversity and inclusion
  • Advising in the development of an institutional diversity and inclusion strategic plan
  • Assist in the guidance and promotion of the assessment of diversity and inclusion programming by respective diversity committees on campus
  • Share information about diversity and inclusion oriented work in respective areas with Steering Committee
  • Provide an annual report of DEI activities and goals within your respective college/department.
  • Understand and respect that this committee serves in an advisory capacity and that the VP of Diversity and Inclusion is responsible in collaboration with ODI staff to finalize any decisions on strategic planning and initiatives.

List of department represented on the Committee

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, College of Health and Human Services, Graduate College, Black Student Union (BSU) - diversity, College of Fine Arts, College of Education and Human Development, Haenicke Institute for Global Education, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Lee Honors College, Student Affairs, Western Student Association (WSA), Athletics, Asian Pasific American Student Association (APASA), WMUx, Merze Tate College, College of Aviation, Haworth College of Business, AFSCME, Latino Student Alliance (LSA), Native American Student Association (NASO), College of Art and Sciences, Graduate Student Association (GSA)