Photo of Candy McCorkle
Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
(269) 387-6313
Photo of Enedelia Cruz
Executive Assistant Senior
(269) 387-6340
Photo of Kourtney Bakalyar
Coordinator for Autism Services Center
(269) 387-4349
Photo of Ashley Bravo
Associate Director for College Assistance Migrant Program
(269) 387-3338
Photo of Vun Doubblestein
Associate Director for Mentoring for Success and Web and Social Media Administrator, Multicultural Affairs for Students
(269) 387-3316
Photo of Jayne Fraley-Burgett
(269) 387-2120
Photo of Sherrie Fuller
Coordinator of Diversity Education
(269) 387-6324
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accommodation Specialist
(269) 269-2147
Photo of Melissa Holman
Director, Multicultural Affairs for Students
(269) 387-4420
Program Assistant, Office of LBGT Student Services
(269) 387-2123
Photo of Jose Alexis Mejia
Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment, College Assistance Migrant Program
(269) 387-3373
Photo of Sue Murray
Associate Director for Martin Luther King Jr. Student Scholars Academy
(269) 387-3323
Photo of Nathan Nguyen
Director, Office of LBGT Student Services
(269) 387-2123
Accommodation Specialist
(248) 387-4128
Photo of Jessica Rocha-Garcia
Administrative Assistant I, Multicultural Affairs for Students
(269) 387-4407
Testing Accommodations Coordinator
(269) 387-2121
Photo of Jamie White
Business Manager
(269) 387-6327