Faculty Research

As a learner-centered and discovery-driven institution, Western Michigan University values the research of its faculty. The following lists the research interests of faculty members in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Faculty research areas 

Donald L. Alexander

  • Industrial organization
  • Antitrust economics
  • Regulation economics

Eskander Alvi

  • Economic growth and development
  • Asymmetric information theory

Sisay Asefa

  • Economic development
  • Applied microeconomics
  • Agricultural economics

Matthew Higgins

  • Econometric theory and time series analysis
  • Empirical monetary economics
  • Finance

Wei-Chiao Huang

  • Labor economics
  • Applied microeconomics

C. James Hueng

  • Economic growth and business cycle
  • Asset pricing
  • Monetary policy

William Kern

  • History of economic thought
  • Comparative economic systems
  • Sports economics

Jean Kimmel

  • Labor supply
  • Labor economics

Donald Meyer

  • Applied microeconomics
  • Uncertainty and insurance

Christine Moser

  • Economic development
  • Natural resource management in developing countries
  • Rural poverty in Africa

Debasri Mukherjee

  • Applications of econometrics for analyzing issues related to foreign-aid
  • Health in developing countries
  • Immigration
  • Nonparametric modeling
  • Panel data analysis
  • Variable-selection-problems in econometrics

Jon Neill

  • Public finance
  • Environmental economics

Susan Pozo

  • International finance
  • International migration

Carson Reeling

  • Environmental risk management
  • Nonmarket valuation
  • Nonpoint source pollution management

Michael Ryan

  • Foreign direct investment
  • Multinational enterprises
  • International trade

Mark Wheeler

  • Monetary economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Applied econometrics

Huizhong Zhou

  • Game theory and economics of information
  • Industrial organization
  • Chinese economy