• Students in a river hoisting up a trawl

    A deep dive into freshwater science and sustainability

    "People spend a lot of time talking about experiential learning but what’s going to have the greatest impact and stick with students the longest is seeing organisms in their natural habitat." – Professor Bloom

Faculty and student working in a stream

Western Michigan University has a campus-wide commitment to academic rigor, service, inclusivity, collaboration, sustainability and good stewardship of institutional resources.

Environmental and sustainability studies program

Environmental and sustainability studies programs include:

Environmental and sustainability studies

  • Encourages students to develop a personally fulfilling, environmentally responsible way of living.
  • Offers rigorous pre-professional training to prepare students for careers in a wide range of environmentally-related fields.
  • Offers sound academic standards and principles that continually challenge students to excel.
  • Teaches concern for the long-term health and well-being of our planet.