Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy, Educational Planning and Outreach is a single point of service to assist Western Michigan University students, families and the local community with financial guidance. Our goal is to reduce the frustration and confusion for WMU students and families as they seek guidance, counseling and advice regarding personal finances. We utilize a holistic and inclusive approach to facilitate financial literacy and educational planning that positively impacts college persistence. The University acknowledges that a strong correlation exists between academic success, retention and financial literacy skills and our unit plays a critical role in all three.


Financial literacy at WMU is defined as the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial well-being. Educational planning is defined as the use of collaborative educational and financial advising resources with defined strategic guidelines used to obtain a timely degree completion. We provide students with information about building a financially stable future, including financing their education, knowledge and understanding about student loans, debt and repayment, credit basics, budgeting, saving and investing. We collaborate with other departments across campus and local community organizations to maximize the resources and services we offer. Please contact us at for more information! 

Visit our digital education platform, Financial Literacy Education Center, to build financial knowledge and prepare for the future! 


To provide financial education programs and services that empower students to make informed choices and improve long-term financial wellness.


To influence financial education challenges and behavioral hurdles by assisting with comprehensive financial advising, presentations, peer-to-peer services and campus resources to help WMU students overcome financial emergencies and develop an adequate financial wellness lifestyle.


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