Graduate Students

wmu crestFinancial aid for graduate students is a little different than what you might remember from your undergraduate days. First, apply by filing your FAFSA online. Then, print out our checklist—it will help keep you on track as you navigate the process.

The biggest difference for graduate students is that you are automatically considered independent. So, only your income and assets (and if married, your spouse's) are considered when determining your eligibility for aid.


If you have been offered a WMU graduate assistantship or fellowship by a department, it will not be indicated on your financial aid offer letter until the department has notified financial aid. Graduate assistantships and fellowships may reduce the amount or type of aid you have been offered. When your aid is adjusted, you will be notified through your WMU email. Check goWMU anytime to view the status of your offers.

Changing your classification from undergraduate to graduate in the same academic year? Please let us know by contacting Bronco Express.