Kalamazoo Promise

WMU is a proud partner of the Kalamazoo Promise, a private scholarship foundation that offers scholarships to students who attended Kalamazoo Public Schools. Eligibility for the offer is determined by the Kalamazoo Promise program office and WMU offers students off a roster received from the program.

New students must complete the scholarship acceptance and agreement forms with WMU’s Kalamazoo Promise Scholars program in their office in 1320 Adrian Trimpe on WMU's main campus. Please visit their website for more information.            

The offer
The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is a “First Dollar offer”, which means it is meant to pay before any other offers are applied to the students account. This allows students to receive the maximum amount of funds possible.

The offer covers a percentage of tuition and mandatory fees:

  • Tuition for residential, undergraduate courses taken on main campus, regional campuses and/or online courses. The offer can be used for WMU tuition costs associated with a Study Abroad program. If tuition for a particular program exceeds tuition at WMU, the Promise cannot be applied to a percentage of that higher cost.
  • Mandatory fees include enrollment fee, fall welcome fee, online support fee, orientation fee, student assessment fee, record initiation fee, continuing enrollment fee, technology fee, spring transition fee, student teacher tuition adjustment fee and sustainability fee are currently covered by the Kalamazoo Promise. Class fees are the responsibility of students. 

Because student tuition and fees can vary depending on major, grade level and number of credits, all students will be offered a general preliminary offer. All offers will then be reviewed after the end of the add/drop period (known as census), when tuition and fees should be known and offers will be adjusted as needed.   

Students attending in Fall and/or Spring semesters are expected to be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more). 

Students with fewer than 30 Kalamazoo Promise credits remaining:

  • May be enrolled less than full-time.
  • Will be offered after the add/drop period.

Summer courses
Students may use the benefit in the Summer sessions as well. Full-time Summer enrollment is NOT required. Students are encouraged to complete a Summer financial aid application to be offered. Students who do not complete a Summer financial aid application will not be offered the Kalamazoo Promise until after the add/drop period for the session.                                        

Students with other tuition scholarships
Because the Kalamazoo Promise is a first dollar tuition specific offer, it will be applied first. If any tuition remains, other tuition specific offers can then be applied after, but to the cost of tuition and fees (i.e. WMU tuition remission, Heyl Nursing scholarship, etc.). 

Dropping or withdrawing from classes
Until census, a student’s Kalamazoo Promise offer is subject to change, based upon the fluctuation of tuition charges on the student’s account due to adding or dropping a course. 

If a student adds a class after the add/drop period (with approval of the registrar) they should contact financial aid for an adjustment of their Kalamazoo Promise offer, if possible. If a student drops after census, the Kalamazoo Promise offer will generally not be billed back. An exception to this is if a student drops a course and receives a tuition refund. In these cases, financial aid may bill back all or some of the Kalamazoo Promise offer, proportionate with the student’s refund.