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Michelle Schmitt, global and international studies alumna

As a global and international studies major at Western Michigan University, you will work with the academic advisor to customize a set of courses most appropriate to your interests and career aspirations. This page features specialized course lists for GIST majors and minors updated each semester, special topics courses, study abroad courses and specialty courses.

Course Lists

These lists are updated prior to the beginning of each semester. Depending on student needs and departmental resources, actual course offerings may change throughout the registration period. Contact the global and international studies academic advisor if you would like to apply a course toward the major or minor that is not listed here.

For GIST majors:

fall 2020 focus field course List

For GIST and area studies minors:

Please note that in the attached list, Asian Studies minor courses are highlighted in orange, Latin American Studies minor courses are highlighted in green, and Modern European Studies courses are highlighted in purple.

Fall 2020 minor electives Summer 2020 minor electives

Check the WMU course offerings for more detailed class information, such as times, days, professors and locations.

Special Topics courses

Fall 2020

GIST 1100–Special Topics in Global Studies (1 credit)

Information regarding GIST 1100 fall 2020 courses is forthcoming. If interested, please check back soon.

Summer 2020

GIST 1100-Argentine Tango and Culture (1 credit)

Study Abroad Courses

Summer 2020

GIST 3500-Trinidad & the World: History, Culture & Environment (1-3 credits)

This class introduces, contextualizes and analyzes various of Trinidad's colonial and post-colonial experiences. Students will gain a historical perspective of Trinidad's current culture and environment. Students will also learn to think critically about our globalized world. For more info, contact the faculty director of the program, Dr. Matt Nielsen. Please see the course flyer for more information.

GIST 3500-Conflict & Diplomacy in Europe-Study Abroad (3 credits)

This special topics course is designed as a three-credit, faculty-led study abroad trip to Europe during summer II session. It is scheduled to be offered for the first time during summer II 2020. During this three-week trip to Europe, students will study the ways that politics, geography, architecture, culture, and religion influence war and peace. Students will get transported down the Rhine River to understand its use in military strategy, will visit a former concentration camp, enter NATO headquarters, explore memorials, monuments, historical landmarks and much more. See the course flyer or visit the study abroad website for more information on this study abroad program.

Specialty Courses

GIST 4980-Internship & Service Learning (2-4 credits)

Offered fall and spring semesters. Students participate in one-credit's worth of class time activities and 1-3 credits' worth completing an internship, volunteer work or other service learning activities. Involvement with GIST 4980-Internship & Service Learning is dependent upon an approved application, which can be found on internships webpage.