Physical and Health Education Teacher Education: K-12 (PHETE)

Bachelor of science (dual major)

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the dual major degree, students in PHETE will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills of a physically-literate and health-literate educator.
  2. Select developmentally-appropriate learning experiences, articulated with state and national standards.
  3. Plan and implement those learning experiences through a series of lessons in K-12 settings.
  4. Select, administer and interpret assessments of learning experiences to inform future instruction.
  5. Demonstrate motor skill competence and health-related fitness.
  6. Communicate and advocate for health and healthy school communities.

A Growing Focus

Our nation and state’s growing focus on the broader notion of wellness has strengthened the preference for careers teaching physical and health education to students. The Michigan State Board of Education has approved new teacher preparation standards for physical and health education. Western Michigan University is the first institution in the state to offer this mandated combined endorsement with dual certification in physical education and health education to teach students in kindergarten through grade 12.

What You Will Learn

WMU’s PHETE program will prepare you as a pre-service teacher candidate to be certified in both physical education and health education, offered in a 4-year or 5-year degree plan. The overarching goal of this dual-major degree program is to assist you in acquiring the skills, knowledge and real-world experiences to become effective, competent and committed physically- and health-literate professionals in today’s society.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are qualified to work in schools (K-12) or other settings such as community, corporate or private organizations (e.g., YMCA, sport facilities) that require educating others, curriculum development and/or the administration of physical and health education programs.

PHETE Faculty

Human Performance and Health Education faculty are:

  • Experienced in public school teaching and higher education
  • Active in research and scholarly initiatives
  • Collaborative with school districts and international, national, state, local organizations
  • Innovative, friendly and approachable


For questions about the PHETE program, please contact Dr. Lori Reichel.