Organizational Analysis Leadership Graduates

Listed below are some of our the graduates from the organizational analysis leadership concentration within the Doctor of Philosophy in educational leadership in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University.

  • gruber headshot

    Melinda Gruber
    Title/Organization: Vice President continued Care Services/CEO Caring Circle/Spectrum Health-Lakeland
    Dissertation Topic:Exploration of peer learning in a formal cohort healthcare leadership development program

  • totten

    Jeff Totten
    Title/Organization: Chief Engineer/Cascade Engineering
    Dissertation Topic: Critical success factors for agile project management in non-software related product development teams

Robert Biggins
Dissertation Topic: The effects of Toyota production system training discontinuation

  • fila headshot

    Marcus Fila
    Title/Organization: Assistant Professor/Hope College 
    Dissertation Topic: Work Stress: a review, analysis, and extension of the job demands-control (support) model

  • scott headshot

    Toran Scott
    Title/Organization: Lead Pastor/The Local Church, GR
    Dissertation Topic: Sacrificial dynamite: the convergence of developed empathy and ongoing relational experience with God: a grounded theory 

  • schinker headshot

    Regina Schinker
    Title/Organization: Director of Instructional Development/Trine University
    Dissertation Topic: 4-H leaders: factors that affect their persistence in the 4-H youth development program

  • Masashi Izumi
    Title/Organization: Principal Teacher/Tokyo Public Middle School
    Dissertation Topic: Public Alternative High Schools Specifically for Students Placed At-Risk