Evaluation, Measurement and Research

Multiple degree options

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Program overview

This program is offered in-person, online and hybrid.

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The Evaluation, Measurement and Research (EMR) certificate and degree programs seek to develop scholars, evaluators and leaders who have a comprehensive understanding and ability to integrate and utilize inquiry methods from multiple ontologies / epistemologies / paradigms to address research and evaluative questions directed towards understanding and solving pressing problems and contributing to the knowledge base that informs practice. The three dimensions of EMR are fully integrated in the MA and PhD programs: Evaluation is the systematic inquiry for assessing merit and worth often necessary for making the best decisions possible. Measurement focuses on the development and evaluation of instruments focused on measuring psychological constructs. Research is a process of systematic inquiry used to collect, analyze, interpret and utilize data such that it contributes to generalizable knowledge. The EMR certificate programs focus exclusively in one of the EMR dimensions.

Graduates of the EMR degree and certificate programs are able to advance and fulfill the growing need in today’s societies for new knowledge through application of their specialized skills in Evaluation, Measurement and Research. Solutions to today’s problems rest on use of reliable and valid measures collected through systematic inquiry that strives to warrant its conclusions and inferences so that decision makers are fully informed. Decision makers describes a wide group of people including for example, social and health science researchers and practitioners, educators at all levels, policy makers, parents, students, in fact practically anybody, as everybody is faced with decision making every day and the better the information one has, the better the decision can be.

Who needs an EMR credentialed person?

Schools and non-school organizations, institutions of higher education, government and non-governmental organizations, anyplace decisions are made need EMR graduates in leadership and teaching positions wherever systematic inquiry can be leveraged to improve decision making.

Why Evaluation, Measurement and Research at Western Michigan University?

EMR at WMU provide students with opportunities to:

  • Work with nationally and internationally recognized faculty.
  • Engage in grant-funded research.
  • Engage in cutting-edge coursework and be exposed to the latest advances in evaluation, measurement, and research.
  • Present research and evaluation studies at national and international conferences.
  • Prepare and submit for publication research and evaluation findings.
  • The Ph.D. program in EMR at Western Michigan University (WMU) is the home to the oldest graduate program in evaluation in the US. Past and current faculty in this program have played a significant role in the development of the field of evaluation, with seminal textbooks published in the US and Europe. It is fair to say that WMU maintains its national and international reputation as a leader in the field of evaluation.

Program formats

All EMR degree and certificate programs are offered for both on-campus (Kalamazoo) for traditional students (both full and part-time) and online. Students interested in the online programs must decide at the point of application/admissions. WMU does not allow a student to change their status once admitted. In EMR, there are a limited number of “online admission” annually. If you are a student interested in this learning format, it is recommended to apply early due to the online enrollment cap.

Degree programs

Doctor of Philosophy in Evaluation, Measurement and Research

The Ph.D. program in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University is designed for highly qualified students and seeks to prepare them as evaluators, assessment specialists, or researchers for leadership and teaching positions in schools, non-school organizations, institutions of higher education and government.

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Master of Arts in Evaluation, Measurement and Research

The Master of Arts in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University is designed to prepare you for staff positions in evaluation, testing or research units in schools or non-school organizations.

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Graduate certificates

Graduate Certificate in Evaluation

The Graduate Certificate in Evaluation is designed to prepare students to understand and work on evaluation teams and with evaluation-related activities. 

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Graduate Certificate in Mixed-Methods

The Graduate Certificate in Mixed-Methods Research seeks to credential students for the growing need for sophisticated research skilled personnel to conduct and summarize social science research. Graduate students in this applied program will develop knowledge and skills related to designing, conducting, and analyzing mixed-methods research.

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Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research prepares students with skills in qualitative inquiry design and analysis able to generate, collect, prepare, and analyze the expanding array of qualitative data, and to produce written reports aligned with the expectations of their specific disciplinary audience. 

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