Master of Arts in Educational and Instructional Technology

Program Description

Program highlights

  • Program Flexibility
  • Course Customization
  • Practical and Applied Knowledge
  • Expert Faculty and Instructors
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WMU’s Master of Arts in Educational and Instructional Technology is designed for individuals seeking to become technology leaders and trainers in corporations, K-12 education, higher education, nonprofits and other organizations. The degree will prepare you for leadership roles in the support and training of others in learning organizations.

Complete Coursework Online

The Master of Arts in Educational and Instructional Technology allows you the flexibility to participate in and complete most or all of your coursework without having to commute to campus or take most of the courses for your degree program on campus. Most students complete their Educational and Instructional Technology graduate studies online without ever stepping on campus. Some students enroll in elective courses that are offered on campus, providing some program flexibility.

Master of Arts Curriculum (30 total hours)

Major Core (required 12 hours) – these are foundational courses for the field of EDT

  • EDT 5410 - Foundations of Instructional Technology
  • EDT 6420 - Instructional Design
  • EDLD 6650 - Principles and Practices of Adult Learning
  • EDT 6440 - Instructional Technology Tools & Development

Minor Core (6 hours) – choose from these courses to shape your program to fit your needs

  • EDT 6430 - Fundamentals of Online Learning
  • EDT 6450 - Technical and Operational Issues
  • EDT 6490 - Instructional Technology Leadership
  • EDLD 6020 - Educational Leadership, Systems and Change
  • OCL 6430 - Group Dynamics and Team Development in an Age of Globalization
  • OCL 6440 - Large Scale Change and Organization Design

Electives (6 hours)

  • Select courses related to your career goals and approved by an academic advisor. Electives may be at the 5000 or 6000 level.
  • You may choose online or traditional courses, or a combination of both.
  • You may choose EDT or Organizational Change Leadership (OCL) courses or courses from outside these programs with permission from your advisor.

Research Course (3 hours)

  • EDLD 6300, EMR 5400, or an equivalent course with permission from your advisor.
  • There are both online and traditional courses available to fulfill this requirement.

Capstone Project (3 hours)

  • EDT 7100 (with permission from advisor)