Prior Learning Assessment Opportunities within Educational and Instructional Technology Graduate Programs

New as of September 1, 2021

Graduate students may now apply for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credits based on their prior experience. Please review this website information carefully. The PLA application link is at the bottom of this page for those who are interested and eligible.

Eligible students are those who have already been admitted to an EDT graduate program or who have applied for admission. Per WMU policy, such credits can constitute no more than 50% of a student’s total program credits.

Eligible WMU EDT Degree Programs

  1. PhD in Education and Human Development with an emphasis in Educational & Instructional Technology (students can earn up to 9 of 21 Emphasis Area credits via PLA)
  2. MA in Educational & Instructional Technology (students can earn up to 15 of 30 credits via PLA)
  3. Graduate Certificate in Educational & Instructional Technology (students can earn up to 9 of 18 credits via PLA)

EDT Courses Eligible for PLA Credit

Eligible EDT courses learning objectives

View the learning objectives for eligible EDT courses.

PLA Application & Process

  1. To begin this process, it is important to contact Dr. Brian Horvitz to discuss whether your eligibility for PLA credits and to talk through the application process;
  2. Email Dr. Horvitz a list of courses for which you are seeking PLA credits; and
  3. Go to the WMU College of Education & Human Development PLA registration page. This is where you will learn how to register and pay for the PLA application process, how to access PLA course on how to prepare your PLA portfolios, and how to access the PLA submission site.

PLA Fees

Students will be charged $400 for the first PLA portfolio the submit. For each additional portfolio submitted, the student will be charged $100. If your portfolio is reviewed and not awarded credit, students may revise and resubmit that portfolio one time. Students will be charged $100 for the review of a resubmitted portfolio.


If you have any questions about seeking PLA credits for an EDT program, please contact Dr. Brian Horvitz.