Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods

Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research prepares students with skills in qualitative inquiry design and analysis able to generate, collect, prepare, and analyze the expanding array of qualitative data, and to produce written reports aligned with the expectations of their specific disciplinary audience. This certificate program consists of five, three-credit hour courses (15 total credit hours). Graduate students in this applied program will develop knowledge and skills related to designing, conducting, and analyzing qualitative research.


The courses include:

  • EMR 6480: Qualitative Research Designs
  • EMR 6580: Qualitative Practicum
  • EMR  6680 Qualitative Research: Computer Aided Data Analysis
  • EMR 6770 Ethnographic Research Methods
  • EMR 6970: Special Topics: Mixed Methods Research Design


The Graduate Certificate programs are designed primarily for graduate students at Western Michigan University who are not Evaluation, Measurement and Research majors.

Applicants are expected to:

  • Be a WMU graduate student in good standing
  • Submit a one-page statement explaining interest in this certificate
  • Submit three letters of professional recommendation

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